Music As Meditation

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Music is a language of soul. Music has been defined the art of using sounds to express human feelings. In all the religions and cultures music is found closely associated


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This is an easiest scientific technique taught in Vedanta philosophy. According to doctrine of Vedanta 5 sheaths or bodies surround the soul of every person. The soul by its attachment and identification with them indulges in sense pleasures and worldly desires.

Meditation Time


Early morning and evening, i.e. when night passes into day and day into night; these are the best hours for meditation. One should meditate regularly at fixed hours, for who knows when the auspicious moment will come when one will have a vision



To find God, one should meditate every morning and night, and whenever there is a little spare time during the day. In addition, it is important to meditate for six hours on one day out of the week. This is not unreasonable; some people practice


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Meditation can be on divine forms as well as on OM. As one goes on meditating, the mind gets absorbed in OM. As one goes on repeating OM and reflecting on its meaning, the mind becomes steady, that is to say, it does not give it up.

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As a yoga teacher I can confidently say that yoga has transformed my life. I have been practising yoga for years and initially it took me a year or two to realise & completely understand the impact of yoga on me. It has been a life-changing


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OM & WORD And when he came up out of the Water, immediately he saw the Heavens opened and the Spirit Descending upon him like a dove; And a voice came from heaven, “Thou art my beloved Son; with Thee I am well pleased.” Mark 1: 10-11 From a spiritual perspective, the object of meditation […]


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So ‘ham is the first mentioned in the Upanishads, ancient text written in Sanskrit, and in that language so ‘ham means “I AM THAT” It has come to us through revelation. All mantras belong to the universal language. Its phonemes, words, and groups of words were revealed to the seers in their deep SAMADHI,