Meditation Time


Early morning and evening, i.e. when night passes into day and day into night; these are the best hours for meditation. One should meditate regularly at fixed hours, for who knows when the auspicious moment will come when one will have a vision of the Divine. Such a moment comes suddenly without any premonition. So one should keep to the routine, however much one’s mind might be disturbed.


Practice is the means of concentrating the mind. Pranayama, breath-control, is also one of the means. But it is not safe for a house-holder- if one is not continent, one falls ill; and one must have nutritious food, a little fine place and pure air.

In order to have meditation and concentration, you must practice in solitude; the more you will try, the more you will achieve whatever you find conditions favorable. For example, if there is ascenery, sit down to meditate, Seek Him, and renounce Kamini-Kanchana, lust and gold. But first renounce internally. These are evanescent. Take your mind off them.