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To find God, one should meditate every morning and night, and whenever there is a little spare time during the day. In addition, it is important to meditate for six hours on one day out of the week. This is not unreasonable; some people practice at piano for ten hours every day of the week, and think nothing of it. To become a spiritual master, it is necessary to give more time to God. We have to make Him feel that we love Him more than anything else. When you become experienced in meditation, able to go deep into super consciousness, five hours of sleep is enough. The rest of the night should be used for meditation. One can use nights and early mornings and holidays for meditating on God. In this way anyone, even the busy Western, can be a yogi. So become a Western yogi. You don’t have to wear a turban or to have long hair like me.

We need the “hives” of churches, but we also need to fill the churches with the “honey” of our own Self-realization. God is present in the churches too, of course, but your just going there will not persuade Him to reveal Himself. Church-going is good, but daily meditation is better still. Do both, because you will certainly have inspiration from going to church, and from daily meditation you will receive even greater upliftment. It is when a devotee’s heart is afire and when he throws shell after shell of prayer that God surrenders to him. That unceasing devotion is essential to finding Him. In order to be a yogi and still keep pace with the modern world, it is necessary to meditate at home, to discipline one self, and to perform all duties with the attitude that they are a service to God.

My greatest desire is to build temples of God in the souls of men, to see the smile of God on men’s faces. The most important of all life’s accomplishments is to establish a temple of God in one’s own soul. And it can be easily done. That is why Self-Realization Fellowship was sent to the West.

Anyone who has established God in his soul temple is a yogi. He can say, with me that yoga is for the East, North, South, and West- for all people, that they may follow the byways of theology to join the highway of Yoga. The right road leads to the palace of God’s bliss. He who once reaches there shall” go no more out”