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Yoga School for Joy,
Peace and

“The whole goal and purpose of YOGA is finding the               SUN WITHIN YOU and letting it SHINE”


ETHNO YOGA PROGRAM Soulcreation Movement

Live in alignment with your true Nature and join us in going towards a sustainable, peaceful and joyous way of living with each other!
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Start your journey in becoming a Teacher of Yoga (RYT 200 & 300) from where ever you are in this beautiful world, get individual guidance in your asana practice and mentorship to create your unique course program to start teaching in an authentic, confident and your unique way!
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Get a Yoga Alliance certificated Yoga Teacher (RYT 200 & 300) in the most famous place of Yoga on Earth - Rishikesh!
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 Individual Coaching


Individual Guidance & Workshops

I was inspired from the special approach and the combination of the program and I didn’t get disappointed. During the whole Teacher Training I got uncountable individual support and guidance, which helped me to go deep within my practice and be able to share Yoga now confidently and secure. I realized how important a proper and right aligned asana practice is. Because of the amazing special Bonus courses I was able to start teaching immediately, because I was mentored in finding my unique style and combination and in creating my own yoga course. Thank you Rishikesh Yoga Valley Team for sharing your immense knowledge and understanding and for pushing the best out of your students (me)!
Elaine S.
I expected to deepen my knowledge in yoga theory and get more advanced within my asana practice. But never did I expect to really know and understand my (Inner) Self on a level I could never have thought about. From explaining the yogic theory in a way that it is understandable and makes sense, to what it is that the asana praxis really does for your body and mind to how to really know about your Inner Self and your unique Being and how to get access to it through your (own) creative expression. I am immense grateful for this experience which transformed my whole being and way of living to something so beautiful.
Namon T.


This Team is pushing you to your limits in a safe but super motivational and supportive way, so that you finally realize you can go beyond them and realize your own power. I have learnt so much about myself and gained so much Selfawareness and Selfconfidence, Isometimes I dont even recogniqe myself.  Besides that I  understand a proper asana practice and I am more than inspired, guided and motivated to keep Yoga everywhere in my Life.
Coco U.
The teachings are serious, safe, sustainable and transformational. The asana adjustments are smart safe and clear so that you can increase your understanding and deepen your experience. Rishikesh Yoga Valley is a healthy environment where you can practice yoga with confident.
Rita A.
Finally I found what I was looking for so long. Authenticity. Individuality Sustainability and YOGA. The teachers are eager and motivated to share all the traditional wisdom with you and they do it so that you can really understand and practice it. I could have never imagined to go so far within my asana practice only because I didn’t practice in the right way before.
Kim R.
I have been having the best experience taking my RYT 200 with this School!