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“The whole goal and purpose of YOGA is finding the SUN WITHIN YOU and letting it SHINE”

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Start your journey in becoming a Teacher of Yoga (RYT 200 & 300) from where ever you are in this beautiful world, get individual guidance in your asana practice and mentorship to create your unique course program to start teaching in an authentic, confident and your unique way!
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Get a Yoga Alliance certificated Yoga Teacher (RYT 200 & 300) in the most famous place of Yoga on Earth - Rishikesh!
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Live in alignment with your true Nature and join us in our travel retreats and courses in going towards a sustainable, peaceful and joyous way of living with each other!
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 Individual Coaching


Yoga & intuitive Self-expression

Individual Guidance & Workshops


Nicola, Australia

Before the 200 TTC with Rishikesh Yoga Valley I have been practicing some Yoga for 4 years and I felt ready to deepen my knowledge and practice.  By Nature I am quite a nervous and introvert Person so even signing up  for a Training like this felt like quite brave for me and I couldn’t be more proud and happy to take this step. I
The Training was not only well structured and instructed but also a safe space for me to finally put myself out there, I found myself showing up, asking and answering questions. Because of the encouraging and inspiring guidance and mentorship I pushed myself further to create my own course offer (after all in the beginning I just wanted to do the training for myself yet never thought about teaching). I think the two focus combination of the proper alignment with strict and precise guidance and instruction from Kamal and the Methodology and Business program from Julia, where she not only gives us all the theory, but individually guided us to create and adapt our own teaching style and program pushed and convinced me finally to take the leap to consider even teaching and offering workshops regarding relaxation with Yoga and Nature – as I felt comfortable in my own practice and knew step by step how to start teaching.
All in all I highly recommend this TTC with Rishikesh Yoga Valley, to go beyond your self limitations and see what is possible with the right guidance.  AT the moment I am even thinking about taking the next step with the 300 hours Training!
trupti 2

Trupti, England

I wanted to learn yoga since quite a long time and I tried many courses, classes and teachers, online and offline, yet I always was missing the proper guidance.  It was until I came across Rishikesh Yoga Valley and I started my individual online classes with Kamal in traditional Hatha Yoga, that I felt I found the guidance and way of teaching to feel fully supported and properly well instructed to progress in my practice in a safe and motivating way. So I am practicing now since six months with Kamal and I really like it, especially, that Kamal explains each and every thing in detail and focuses on the proper alignment of the asanas, which shows his vast knowledge and understanding. So I am getting now the corrections which I actually was looking for and also needed. And even I do the classes online, he instantly sees what I am doing wrong and ask and instruct me to correct it or gives me alternative adaption or preparations. So gradually we went from simple to more advanced postures. I really liked the way Kamal is teaching, properly, also with the tools according to Iyengar, and I am doing now postures which I never thought I could ever do. So I fully see the improvement and progress within my practice and feel the changes and adaption in my body, too. I am really happy about this and looking each day forward to my practice. Thank you!

Ishwari, England

From childhood on I was very sporty. In my late 20s I was running half marathon but then in my late 30s my body started to get fatigue. And it was Yoga, what helped me a lot.  I started 2 years ago, learning on my own, but it actually didn’t work and helf as I thought it would. So I was looking for a proper guidance and teacher. And then I found Kamal from Rishikesh Yoga Valley and started doing individual online classes. So the 2 and half years I practiced yoga with like youtube and books can not be compared as what I understand and do know as what Yoga is and should be. Kamal teached me so much in this short time and I see a huge progress not only in my understanding butalso within my practice and overall physical wellbeing.
What I really appreciate is, that Kamal realised my strenght and weakness very quickly and adapted the teaching and instruction fully on this to support me on an individual level. I like his precise and strict instructions and explanations for each posture and that he always focus on preparing the body with specific exercises to fully be able to come into an asana safe but sure. And actually his strict yet motivating attitude kept me going and trying again and again until I did one more asana properly.
I learnt that even if it is a simple posture you can do it wrong and it can be a little adjustment and you feel the difference and then you realize the real effect of the asanas. He always says, do less first and slowly progress but do it right! But actually when you follow his instructions you will see a fast and safe progress! I also like using blocks and the belt as it motivates and supports me to move gradually into fully advanced postures, without pushing my body too much!

Coco, Italy

This Team is pushing you to your limits in a safe but super motivational and supportive way, so that you finally realize you can go beyond them and realize your own power. I have learnt so much about myself and gained so much Selfawareness and Selfconfidence, sometimes I dont even recognize myself.  Besides that I  understand a proper asana practice and I am more than inspired, guided and motivated to keep Yoga everywhere in my Life.

Namon, Thailand

I expected to deepen my knowledge in yoga theory and get more advanced within my asana practice. But never did I expect to really know and understand my (Inner) Self on a level I could never have thought about. From explaining the yogic theory in a way that it is understandable and makes sense, to what it is that the asana praxis really does for your body and mind to how to really know about your Inner Self and your unique Being and how to get access to it through your (own) creative expression. I am immense grateful for this experience which transformed my whole being and way of living to something so beautiful.

Rita, Austria

The teachings are serious, safe, sustainable and transformational. The asana adjustments are smart safe and clear so that you can increase your understanding and deepen your experience. Rishikesh Yoga Valley is a healthy environment where you can practice yoga with confident.

Kim, France

Finally I found what I was looking for so long. Authenticity. Individuality Sustainability and Yoga. The teachers are eager and motivated to share all the traditional wisdom with you and they do it so that you can really understand and practice it. I could have never imagined to go so far within my asana practice only because I didn’t practice in the right way before.