7 day yoga retreat Rishikesh

Meditation can be on divine forms as well as on OM. As one goes on meditating, the mind gets absorbed in OM. As one goes on repeating OM and reflecting on its meaning, the mind becomes steady, that is to say, it does not give it up.

Through surrender to God all the obstructions to the concentration of the mind are destroyed and one realizes one’s Self.

The Bhagvad Gita says:

“The mind, O Arjuna, is controlled by practice and non-attachments, One should slowly withdraw one’s mind from sense-objects through patient discrimination. Fixing the mind on the self, one must no more think of anything else.”

The author of the YOGA-SUTRAS says, “By carefully persisting in practice, for long and without intermission, the concentration becomes steady.”

We must attain to a steady concentration. The young plant needs to be hedged round, but when the tree is big, it requires protection no more. We must have steadfastness to the ideal. As soon as we decide that a certain course is right, we must resolve to give up our life for it. We must have decision in our character.

Arjuna, the decisive judgment here is one, but people of unsettled minds have innumerable varying ideas.’

We must decide on a particular course and devote our whole life to it.