Why Us



As we see Yoga as a Way of Living in Joy, Happiness and Peace with our Inner and Outer Nature we know that it is able to make the world a better place and therefore it is most precious to share.
Being in touch with our Inner Being means knowing why we are here for, what is our true purpose and potential.
That is why we are so motivated to share and spread the Light of Yoga!



*Our goal within our Yoga Teacher Trainings in person as well as online is to share the ancient yogic wisdom and practice in an authentic, traditional way and combine it with individual mentorship and guidance. That means we not only just give you all the knowledge you need to become a qualified teacher but we support you to know and unleash your unique potential, find your why and your yogic way of living and create a teaching style and course program which is aligned with you, your values and dreams – to make them reality.
*We value quality over quantity and limit the space within our offline and online Yoga Teacher Trainings as well as our Yoga Retreats to 12 students. So we can assure individual guidance and give each and every student our full attention.
*We are a team of female and male, indian and western Teachers, all very well experienced and specialised in the topic and subject we teach you.
*An important intention of us is to teach you proper alignment and adjustment according traditional Hatha and Iyengar Yoga. As nowadays it is a trend to be Yoga Teacher or learn Yoga on its own through an online course we see many of our students practicing in the wrong way as they don’t know how to do the asanas correctly. To avoid injuries or body damages and raising the awareness of the importance of a proper yogic practice we fully focus our teaching on a proper alignment, which assures you a safe practice as well as a steady and sure progress into advanced asanas.
*We are convinced that a Nature aligned way of living (our Inner and Outer Nature) is the only way towards a more sustainable, peace- and joyful world, designed of co-creation and support, rather than competition and comparison. Accordingly we want to motivate our students in joining us on that way, means you will find related inspirations as well as theoretic and practical knowledge as “Soulcreation Ethno Yoga” throughout our program and teachings, all about being the change we want to see on this world.
*Our Yoga School in India is located in a calm area in Rishikesh, surrounded from forest mountains, 10 minutes walk away from Laxmanjhula, which gives you the possibility to fully focus on your study and practice, yet when needed or wanted to be close to shops, cafees, the forest or touristic areas for a walk or Mother Ganga to relax.
*For those who seek Nature, the jungle and the ocean combined, as well as indigenous wisdom and buddhist silence  – our Teacher Trainings and Retreats in an Eco Resort with private beach in Southern Thailand are waiting for you!
*We give our best to offer you an individual approach and also provide hybrid Yoga Teacher Trainings, means you can do one part online and the other part in person. So you can choose what fits for you! Further we give you the opportunity to afford our Yoga TTC fees with ease in providing you payment plans.
– authentic Teaching regarding the traditional yogic knowledge, concepts and practices
– Teaching focus on traditional Hatha, Iyengar, Sivananda, Ashtanga and Yin Yoga to provide a balanced offer for our students
– Focus on proper alignment and adjustment according to traditional Hatha and Iyengar
– supporting our students in living a yogic life with coaching and creative guidance
– individual Guidance because of limited space of max. 12 students
– unique combination of traditional, ancient knowledge and modern science insights regarding our true Potential to support our Students to life their Life fully expressed in their own unique way
– Inspirations on how to live a Life aligned with our Inner and Outer Nature to experience and spread Joy, Happiness and Peace and raise the awareness towards a sustainable way of living 
– special approach and program Soulcreation Ethno Yoga 


Yoga has conquered almost all of our beautiful planet and we could not be more grateful about that!
Yet as with everything it is important to make sure that the true essence, effect and purpose stays alive while going from one ear to the next – maybe you know that game you played as child, where one starts to whisper one word in the ear of someone else and it goes on and on until it comes out fully different.
Applied to Yoga we see that it somehow became a Trend, often reduced to a healthy physical practice and even a fancy wellbeing movement, while its holistic approach and practices are almost neglected.
That why it is so important to remember that Yoga is rooted in ancient vedic knowledge, the asanas are only one part of it and the goal is to truly understand the Nature of our Being and to know how to use it in its most efficient way to guarantee not only a flexible, healthy body but also a calm and undisturbed mind to finally be able to sit still and experience joy and oneness with our higher Self.
And of course the best place where to learn this is in its home – India.
That is why a Yoga Teacher Training or any other Yoga course in India is so special as you will be surrounded from the ancient spiritual heritage and wisdom which affects your learning and understanding on a deep level.
That doesn’t mean that you have to leave your everyday life behind – not at all – fully understood, you will see that Yoga is about Life itself – to lead it more from within, aligned with your true values and the Mother Nature.
Our Teacher Trainings arise from the Indian origin so that you truly go back to the roots while at the same time we focus to guide you safely to understand its essence and let you experience how this ancient yogic practice is still relevant for our life today – and maybe more than ever needed – rather than limiting it to a trend, where you again fall into the illusions of maya.