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Rishikesh Yoga Valley was founded by Yogi Kamal Negi Ji in 2016 with the aim of transforming people’s lives through yoga. Rishikesh Yoga Valley is not just a place to practice yoga asanas, but a community of like-minded people who come together to share, learn and evolve. The community here believes in the power of yoga and it’s healing capabilities and also in the importance of building meaningful connections beyond yoga mats

Rishikesh Yoga Valley has been a safe and perfect place for many yogis to begin their yogic journey, deepen their knowledge about yoga and spirituality, start career in yoga, to fall-back during tough times and much more. As many of our regular practitioners at studio call this their second homes, we have been humbled by these experiences and only strive to get better each day.

We aspire to be the place you think of when you think of yoga. We aspire to be your favorite on this journey. Wish us luck 🙂




Having grown up in a mountain village near the holy city of Rishikesh, Kamal ji was exposed yogic knowledge and traditions from young age. Kamal ji spent 6 months at Jai Ram Ashram where his knowledge about yoga deepened and he was inspired to pursue a career in yoga. Yogi Kamal ji is a multi-style yoga trainer certified by Yoga Alliance itself.

He is personally trained by Ravi Ji in Hatha Yoga and Pravin Nair in Iyengar style for several years, specialising in proper alignment and adjustment. He has a Masters degree in Yoga specialised in Ayurveda and Naturopathy. With his belief that Yoga is for everyone, he is on a mission to spread his knowledge, learnings and wisdom about vedic and ayurvedic healing methods.

Yogi Kamal ji has taught 2000+ students in last X years and continues to be a guiding light on the yogic path of many.



A beautiful combination of a yogini, an artist and a kind soul. Julia is our  yoga and intuitive self-expression coach. Julia leads our Soul Creation Ethno Yoga Program where she shares her knowledge about yoga and different ways of expressing self with the help of art and nature.

Julia found Yoga while she was studying Ethnology in her home country Austria but her journey evolved and enabled her to not just learn in multiples countries but also to teach in various countries. Julia has taught and guided hundreds of students in various countries like India, Italy, Thailand and Austria  What started as a curiosity towards learning something new, grew into passion stronger and stronger with time. Julia has learnt, practiced and taught Hatha and Sivananda Yoga for past few years and continuous to be learner of self-expression, 

Julia has been traveling around Asia, living with local communities, exploring not just different places but cultures and ways of living. She draws her inspiration through her travels and people she meets on her way. Julia aims to raise the awareness about self, self-express, being in touch with nature and living as a one’s authentic self. 

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Rohit is an experienced Hatha and Ashtanga yoga teacher who focuses on achieving the right postures with proper alignment and use of props. Having grown up in Rishikesh Rohit has imbibed yoga culture in him from a young age. He has been teaching Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga to the Teacher Training students and at yoga retreats across the world for 10 years and continues to be one of the best and well-known yoga philosophy teachers. He has learnt and practiced with the finest Hatha and Iyengar teaching authorities of Rishikesh. His methodical, dedicated and disciplined approach to asana practice gives the students an exhilarating experience of Yoga and brings out the best in them.



Deepika has been a yoga teacher for 10+ years, guided a few thousands children and adults on their yogic journey. She has also aided the healing of many as a yoga therapist. She is a renowned teacher in Rishikesh, especially for her Anatomy and Physiology classes in teacher training programs. She calls yoga, a beautiful art of living.  She believes that yoga and healthy diet is a combination that can protect the modern age lives from 90% of the health issues. Deepika studied Yogic Science from Uttarakhand University and Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga, Delhi, and continued her practice and teaching. She also believes that yoga has no religion or caste,  it is the knowledge of human life and is the way to be close to Nature.



Yogi Harichandra ji have been practicing Yoga, Meditation and its Philosophy for the last 16 years, intending to follow the spiritual path in quest of finding the real Self with the help of the ancient Indian knowledge and my own realization. He has been following a Yogic Way of Life since childhood and stayed at renowned spiritual places where he was deeply involved in practicing Yoga and Meditation and studying Indian Philosophy. Through his practices under renowned spiritual Gurus like Swami Veda Bharati and Swami Dayananda he has gained profound knowledge and understanding in theory and practice.
Harichandri ji believes that, “Yoga is the simple yet profound process of consciously directing the outward flow of energy towards the source of existence within us, to experience peace, joy and calmness and finally become capable to know the Truth”. In that sense he has been keenly sharing his teachings with spiritual seekers and Yoga students to enrich them with the secrets of Yoga.



Yogi Gopal Chhetri ji was born and raised in the holy city of Rishikesh Uttarakhand, yogi Gopal ji learning and teaching since his teenage and became yoga Siromany in 2010 and has been Bihar Yoga Bharati Institute of Advanced Studies in yogic science, at present yogi Gopal ji in om yoga Rishikesh teaching pranayama and meditation and traditionally Hatha yoga.



Trained in Vinyasa and Yin Yoga in India, Daniela found her home in the softness and depth of Yin Yoga. She is also a sound healer who can help her students connect with their inner self, find solace in stillness and unlock the healing power within. She helps our students through online classes for Yin & Restorative classes and she’s one of our favorite.



Narayan Giri Maharaj is living in Silence (mauna sadhana) for two years now. He has been doing his Sadhana in the Himalayan mountains along the banks of Maa Ganga. Having lived as a Yogi for 20 years, Narayan Giri Maharaj felt called to live in an absolute silence for 12 years to connect deeper with the divine.

His message to the world:
“Suffering arises when we are living against our Inner Truth!”
“Yoga is an internal process aiming to know our true essence, not an external physical practice!”