Yoga Teacher Trainings in Rishikesh

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Our School is located in the heart of Rishikesh, yet little outside of the Tourist Center of Laxman Jhula, in a quiet, calm area surrounded from forest mountains to assure you a focused and grounded practice and study time.
We limit the space for 12 students to guide you on an individual level so that you fully can dive into the yogic way of living and deepen your understanding and practice according to your needs and wishes.
Our Intention and  is to  teach you the ancient wisdom of Yoga in a traditional and understandable way,  so that it not stays an abstract theory but an applicable practice for your everyday life.
Further we focus on the proper alignment  according to traditional Hatha and Iyengar to assure a save and steady progress in your asana practice and to make you understand how your body works and what is the purpose of each asana.
We also support you in creating your own teaching style and course program and teach you the most important steps to start teaching Yoga.
That means we can assure that we are the best Teacher Training in Rishikesh for you if you look for learning the ancient vedic knowledge and practices in an authentic way from the Home of Yoga itself with special focus and approach to suit and implement it to your life. For this our high qualified teachers will teach you step by step with practical examples and individual guidance and support on how to fully understand and implement this yogic wisdom and practices in your everyday life by reflecting your own life circumstances, passions, goals and dreams - so that your learning and practice efforts not only stay in the Training space, yet flow directly into your life and transforms it forever – and suddenly you realize and experience that Yoga is about Life itself.

Try this Yogic Way of LIFE in a joyous and happy atmosphere and you will see the amazing benefits for your body and mind and become a Teacher of YOGA.

Everyday Schedule

6.00 am - Meditation & mindful start in the day
6.30 am - Tea and Sat Kriya
7.30 am - Pranayama
7.30 - Hatha/Iyengar practice
9.00 am - Breakfast
10.00 am - Yogic Theory (Anatomy, Philosophy, Ayurveda)
11.00 am - Art of Teaching, Course Creation & yogic Business Aspects
12.00 pm - Alignment & Adjustment
1.00  pm - Lunch and freetime
3.00 pm - Yogic Theory (Anatomy, Philosophy, Ayurveda)
4.30 pm - Yin / Restorative practice or Ashtanga
6.00 pm - Yoga & creative intuitive Selfexpression
7.00 pm - Dinner
8.00 pm - Evening Program (music & mantra chanting,  selfstudy, freetime or other activities)

A day within our Teacher Training Course

The sacred and pure energy of the holy river Ganga and the foothills of the Himalayas as well as the yogic sattvic energy all around you allow and inspire you to really only focus on your Yoga journey.
Start your day with Meditation and Cleansing (sat kriya) and a dynamic Yoga Class with an extended Pranayama practice and see your everyday progress.
Absorb our theoretical classes, which we have designed with much love and effort to give you a clear and valuable understanding and let’s discuss about what YOGA and LIVE really is about.
Be well instructed with hands on and language correction in our Alignment classes and get to know each Asana in detail according to traditional Hatha and Iyengar Yoga - you will see, you will understand "Yoga" much better then and you will progress in your asana practice much faster yet in a safe and healthy way.
Enjoy our traditional Hatha Yoga classes  in the afternoon and experience how a proper instructed practice - especially regarding to the right alignment and adjustment - benefits your body and mind.
Get trained and mentored in becoming an authentic and confident Teacher while being supported and motivated in shining YOUR unique light within our Yoga & intuitive creative Selfexpression Sessions.
And in between enjoy and get energized with our sattvic food, relax with a massage or on the River Ganga ji, learn more about the indian Culture or go on an adventure within our weekend excursions.

What you get

*Training Course Program
*200 hours Yoga Alliance USA Accreditation
*Course books, working and guidance Sheets
*Yoga Equipment
*STay within our School with private/shared rooms, hot/cold shower, free wifi, filtered water, 3 veg sattvic meals and plenty of tea
*Excursions to explore the Beauty of the surrounding Nature as well as cultural traditions and the yogic way of living
*1 traditional Indian Massage
*Airport Transfer
*15% off of further bookings of our course program

Focus of our special TTC form is, next to the proper alignment and adjustment according to Hatha and Iyengar, on Yoga as Reflection of you and your Life as well as intuitive creative and authentic Selfexpression and -leadership.

Yoga is all about life itself and therefore it is about YOU as your yogic practice can make your full and true potential explode outwards into the world to live in accordance with your Inner and our Outer Nature. In addition with intuitive creative Selfexpression and individuell guidance you can deepen this process even more.
If you want to fully concentrate on you and what Yoga is all about (for you) and how to share it with the world (in your way - including the creation of your own course program) within a safe, supportive, inspiring and joyful guidance then this Training is for you.
Like a coming home while creating exact action steps on how to fully transform your life to be an expression and creation of your Truth and make it your yogic dance through life.

Free Time and Excursions

Saturday afternoon and Sunday is off! You can either relax on our rooftop or Ma Ganga ji, go for a Forest Jungle walk, sit in any of the plenty Cafes and meet like minded people, enjoy a massage or you come with us to explore Rishikesh on a deeper level - either its Nature, Culture or yogic roots - Trekking Tours and Tempel and Ceremony visits as well as meeting a silent Yogi - our spiritual Master, to mention the Highlights.
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