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Rishikesh Yoga Valley is a Registered Yoga School (RYS) with Yoga Alliance USA, located in Rishikesh, India, organizing and offering online and offline Teacher Trainings In India and Thailand, special Ethno Yoga Retreats, online Programs and individual Coachings.

Following and teaching the traditional way of Yoga in its holistic approach - especially Hatha, Iyengar, Sivananda and Ashtanga - not only Yoga on the mat. Yet on the mat it is of immense importance for us to teach our students  proper alignment and adjustment as only if we practice properly according to our system and the ancient yogic insights the amazing positive effects of the yogic practice can be harvested.

Our motivation is to spread the Light of Yoga in an authentic and powerful way and to raise the awareness for a Nature aligned way of living, means to live in harmony with our Mother Nature as well as knowing and expressing our Inner Nature. As only then a sustainable, peaceful and joyful way of living with each other is possible. That is why we are so motivated to guide and motivate each and every one of our Students to connect deep with their Inner Self, step into their unique and true full Potential and live it - embody it - see our Soulcreation Ethno Yoga Program.. 

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What is it all about – our view on Yoga

Seek the SUN within YOU

Become ONE with your BREATH




The ancient tradition of Yoga is all about connecting body, mind and soul (the Sanskrit word yug means "to unite") with the goal to experience oneness … an experience where the body is relaxed, the mind is calm and the shattering of the ego is almost silent. It goes along with the realization, that we are a part of Nature, that we are one with the Universe, that all the creation power is right inside of us. When our body, mind and soul are connected, we are able to listen to our inner voice and are so guided to live our true Potential and experience Joy, Happiness and pure Love.

Yoga is about Life itself and it shows us how to live with Life, means how to live in union with our Inner Self and Mother Nature.

Practicing Yoga in the ancient tradition means not only the physical practice on the mat yet a whole system, which combines body movement and postures asanas, breathing techniques pranayama, meditation, positive thinking, a vegetarian/vegan nutrition and a joy- and peaceful sustainable way of living.
Living YOGA in its wholeness in implementing it in your everyday life cleanses your whole system, means your body and mind and opens up your heart-thought, so that you can realize the true essence of Life, Nature and your Self.