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Special Offer for all our Teacher Trainings 2023 in Rishikesh

EUR 800 instead of EUR 1150 – shared twin Room

EUR 950 instead of EUR 1250 – private Room

For Indians:
INR 21000 instead of 30000 – shared twin Room   
INR 27000 instead of 40000 – private Room
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Yoga TTC in Rishikesh

Our Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh is best for you if you want to learn the  ancient yogic knowledge and practice in an authentic way from the Home of Yoga itself with special focus to suit and implement it to your life – our Intention is to show you with practical examples and individual guidance how to fully understand and implement all aspects of Yoga while also reflecting on your own life circumstances, passions, goals and dreams – so that your learning and practice efforts not only stay in the Training’s space, yet flow directly into your life and transform it forever – and so you will suddenly realize that Yoga is really about living with Life itself.


Living with our Inner and Outer Nature and using our Body as Instrument to let our Inner Self speak, create and lead us!
Yoga – Ethnology – intuitive creatiive Selfexpression
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Yoga Teacher Training Center Rishikesh


When you feel the call to want to dive into Yoga at the its Birthplace, surrpunded from Forest Mountians and the River Ganga!
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Yoga Teacher Training Thailand


The Ocean, the Jungle, your private Beach and wooden Bungalow – perfect circumstances to fully dive into Yoga and your Self!
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Start your Journey in becoming a Teacher of Yoga from where ever you are in this beautiful World – online – with the option to practice with us in the real World too!
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Space for 12 students

We limit space for 12 students to guide you on an individual level so that you fully can dive into the yogic way of living and deepen your understanding and practice according to your rhythm, needs and wishes.

Proper Alignment & Adjustment

We focus on the proper alignment and adjustment according to traditional Hatha and Iyengar to assure a save and steady progress in your asana practice and to make you understand how your body works and what is the purpose and effect of each asana – from outer attention to inner awareness!

SPECIAL: Soulcreation Ethno Yoga Program

Yoga & intuitive creative Selfexpression &  ancient wisdom

– your asana practice as reflection of your Self and your Life
– your Body as Instrument for your Inner Self to speak, create and lead
– living in alignment with our Inner and Outer Nature
– ancient Wisdom, ethnological Insights and modern day Science regarding our heart-mind Connection and our true human Potential
Our Intention is to teach the ancient wisdom of Yoga in a traditional and understandable way combined with impulses for your “inner work” so that it not stays an abstract concept  but  an applicable practice for your everyday Life to unleash and embody your true Essence. 

About our School in Rishikesh

We created a special 200 hours TTC program which focuses on Hatha and Iyengar – in Ashtanga you will be teached the basic Series – as well as Yoga & intuitive creative Selfexpression to fully support you as our Student to understand that Yoga is really about YOUR Life itself.
Hatha & Iyengar is the perfet combination to truly understand each asana in detail, know how your body works and how to shift your awareness from outside to inside to assure the real and full benefit of each asana
We will have Sessions where we teach you how your practice is a reflection of your own life and how to work on it on a deeper level as well as how to use your body as instrument for your Inner Self to speak and create, guide you.
Further, besides the standard subjects of a traditional Teacher Training we will teach and make aware how to lead a Business, lets say in a yogic way, as extension of your Self – next to classical Business aspects – and support you in creating your unique Course program, aligned with your passions, talents and dreams.
Our Yoga School in India is located in the heart of Rishikesh, yet little outside of the Tourist Center of Laxman Jhula, in a quiet, calm area surrounded from forest mountains to assure you a focused and grounded practice and study time.
We are a Registered Yoga School (RYS) with Yoga Alliance USA  Certification. That means our Students, who absolved our Training successfully are allowed to become a Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance USA and can teach worldwide.

Rishikesh Yoga Valley: Our Intention & Vision

Our Intention is to teach the ancient wisdom of Yoga in a traditional and understandable way, so that it not stays an abstract theory but becomes an applicable practice to unleash your true Essence – what we can assure you: this ancient knowledge is not an outlived knowledge – maybe more than ever it is not only needed but also adaptable and implementable into our “modern life”. Especially within our Soulcreation Yoga Program we will guide you to learn from your yogic practice as reflection of your Life and how to implement this ancient wisdom in all its aspects in your everyday life.

Let yourself be surprised!

Our program is the best for you if you want to understand and experience Yoga in all its aspects, especially how this ancient practice can transform your life into being fully aware of who you are, open up the dialogue with your Inner Self and establish an Inner Body Awareness to unleash and embody your true Essence while leading a happy and healthy life aligned with your Inner and our Outer Nature and sharing the Light of Yoga in YOUR authentic and unique Way, aligned with the traditional concepts and practises..


A taste of what awaits you within our Teacher Training in Rishikesh

The sacred and pure energy of the holy river Ganga and the foothills of the Himalayas as well as the yogic, sattvic Energy all around you allow and inspire you to really only focus on your Yoga Journey.
Start your day with Cleansing (sat kriya), Meditation and Pranayama and a dynamic Yoga Class and experience the purifying effects for your Body and Mind.
Absorb our theoretical Classes, which we have designed with much love and effort to give you a clear and valuable understanding and let’s discuss about what Yoga and Live really are about and how to be our truest Version to make a positive Impact on this Earth.
Be well instructed with hands on and language cues in our Alignment and Adjustment classes and get to know each Asana in Detail according to traditional Hatha and Iyengar Yoga – you will see, you will understand “Yoga” much better then and you will progress in your asana practice much “faster” yet in a safe and healthy way.
Enjoy our traditional Hatha Yoga Classes in the afternoon and experience how a proper instructed practice  benefits your body and mind.

Get trained and mentored in becoming an authentic and confident Teacher while being supported and motivated in shining YOUR unique Light and creating your own Course Program within our special Sessions Yoga & intuitive creative Selfexpression.

And in between – enjoy and get energized with our sattvic food, relax with a massage or on the river Ganga, take a forest walk, learn more about the indian modern and traditional culture, yogic way of living or go on an adventure within our weekend excursions.

Try this Yogic Way of Life in a joyous and happy atmosphere and you will see the amazing transformation not only for your body and mind, but your whole being and way of living and seeing the world – while  becoming a Teacher of Yoga.


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