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Yoga & Ayurveda – Individual coaching

Yoga & Ayurveda

Individual Coaching with Kamal


About Kamal

Growing up in a little mountain village near Rishikesh, he was used to live in and with Nature:
> no electricity, no running water, no bathroom …
> depending on farming fruits and vegetables in an organic and natural way
>learning about and applying traditional knowledge regarding nutrition, food as medicine and natural healing concepts
At the age of 16 he moved to Rishikesh to study and practice Yoga. Since then he is focusing on the traditional Teaching of Hatha and Iyengar Yoga (with special attention to adjustment and alignment), Ayurveda, yogic Science and Naturopathy.

As your Coach it is his upmost goal to support you in 'using' your whole body-mind system in its most effective and proper way, so that you can live your life active and fully expressed according to the unique constellation of the five elements within you!



Deep within you lies the unique imprint of your truest Essence, your elemental algorithm, which is according to Ayurveda & Yoga the fundamental aspect of why we are all different from each other.

That is why it is so important to start with knowing your unique algorithm or constitution to adapt your Nutrition, everyday routine, and asana practice to fully support your Uniquness and to garantue a balanced, healthy and happy life, means we have to know our Self first in order to practice, take action and heal our Self.


… means …

  • you want to build up a regular praxis, which fits your individual type and body constitution, needs and wishes and which focuses on proper alignment\

  • you want to deepen your praxis in a very unique way and really “see” results within your body and mind

  • you want to expand your theoretical understanding of Yoga & Ayurveda regarding its benefits for your everyday life

  • you want to be guided in your everyday nutrition regarding a yogic & ayurvedic sattvic diet and according to your unique constitution to live a balance, happy and healthy life

  • you want to be guided in your everyday routine to bring calmness and mindfulness into your everyday life and getting things done more effectively and focused


with asanas, pranayamas, meditation, nutrition and a positive mindset … 

in a unique and professional coaching …


We created our YOGA & AYURVEDA coaching program to fully support YOU in experiencing the amazing positive benefits of a regular and focused YOGA practice according to your unique constitution and bringing the ancient ayurvedic concepts into your everyday LIFE.

Today most people don’t know any more how their system really works, what movements are good for them, which food is good for them, how to find balance between work and free time etc., how to de-stress and de-tox ... because actually we never get “taught” in it … yet it would be the most important thing … to know how to use our “system” in the most effective and proper way and to understand that we are all unique - made of a unique constellation of the five elements, which means we need a uniqque set up regarding our nutrition, everyday routine, asana practice, work and free time.

According to Ayurveda everything in this Universe is made up of the five elements, which is called pancha mahabhuta. As so you are also made up of a unique constellation of these five elements. This unique constellation makes up your dosha (body forces) which defines all of your body and mind aspects, from your body shape, mind structure, digestion, sleep patterns, skin tone, emotions, and intellect. When the elements are in a balance according to your dosha life is at peace and ease. When they are out of balance discomfort shows up and we are called to bring us back in balance and harmony to keep our system healthy.

And what any product or theory won’t tell you is that you have the secret within you. Only if you look within and understand how your system really works and what it needs you will be able to balance and harmonize it for your optimal energy. Knowing Your elemental algorithm is the solution for a balanced and joyful life to unleash your true Essence and go and live the way you are meant to be and live.


What you get

  • ayurvedic counselling from an experienced Indian ayurvedic doctor to know your unique constitution

  • instructions and guidance regarding the proper nutrition (incl. meal plan and delicious recipes)

  • know which medical herbs and plants are good for you

  • personalized practice: asanas, pranayama, meditation, bandhas, mudras, kriyas, mantras

  • proper instruction on alignment and adjustment so that you can be sure you practice in the right and most beneficial and effective way

  • everyday routine according your unique elemental algorithm

  • Selfcare practice, skinz and hair care, beauty routine and natural products

  • inspirations and support regarding a balanced, joyous and sustainable life

YOGA & Ayurveda give us all the knowledge, theories and practices to life a fully expressed yet balanced and harmonious LIFE according to our Uniquness!

If you want to be guided, mentored and supported to bring YOGA combined with AYURVEDA in your everyday Life or to Detox and Refresh your whole System … and “see” how your whole Life can change for the better … I would love to work with you!

>>> I am looking forward to your message to book a free call and talk about all details and create an unique and individual coaching plan for YOU! <<<