Yoga & Mango Love


Yoga & Mangoes

Mango Season was calling us …

to go outside of Rishikesh center in the local areas on a organic little Mango farm and collect as many fresh and ready Mangos as possible

Here the farmers wait until the ripe Mango falls from the tree to immediately collect them and sell them – directly on the farm … no pesticides or other chemicals.

What you should know if you are a Mango Lover like us:

Mangos are hot, means they are heating up your body. Especially in the hot season we want to avoid this and rather go for coconuts or watermelons. BUT there is a solution: put the Mangos in water for a while (the water extracts the heat) … then they are a go for eating and enjoying fully!!

If you want to not only practise Yoga with us but experience local ways of living with Mother Nature …. join us in one of our upcoming Retreats in India or Thailand.