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Soulcreation Yoga

Soulcreation Yoga

The ancient practice of traditional Hatha YOGA is all about connecting body, mind and soul with the goal to experience “oneness”, an experience where the body is fit and relaxed, the mind is calm and the shattering of the ego is almost silent. It goes along with the realization, that we are One with the creation power itself.
The practice of asanas, pranayama and meditation, a yogic nutrition and way of Life are meant for reaching this goal in cleansing and purifying our whole system and aligning us with our Inner and Outer Nature.
When our body, mind and soul are connected, we are able to listen to our Inner voice and are therefore guided to live our true authentic Self and Potential, to experience Joy and pure Love.

Our Inner voice is always speaking to us, showing us the way we are meant to go.

Through creative expression, which focuses on our Intuition, we open up a space of nonattachment, alignment and joy. A space, where we allow our Inner Self to speak and to create.
Being creative without expectations allows our body, mind and soul to experience deep relaxation and open up for a yet unknown magic!
The combination of YOGA and (guided) conscious creative expression is wonderful to not only really relax and restore your whole system yet to get deeply connected to your true Essence, to be guided and receive THE answers to your questions.
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About Julia

Since childhood she loves to be surrounded from Nature, which inspires her to be creative, draw and paint. After completing her study in Ethnology, Buddhism and Yoga as well as Creative Science and Expression she was travelling throughout Asia, living mostly within local communities, doing field research or teaching Yoga.
In her Soulcreation Yoga Program she ‘uses’ Yoga and creative expression as ‘tool’ to support you in connecting deeply with your Inner Self! As your guide and coach she supports you to open the door to your heart and clearly hearing the voice of your Inner Self.  She sees you and your Inner Self as THE “expert”, where all the knowledge and answers are treasured. Once the door to it is open you will be ready to show up fully, expressing and living, what/who you are meant to be!
The Individual Sessions combine intuitive, creative expression methods with the knowledge and practice of traditional Hatha Yoga as well as modern and ancient insights regarding our Human Potential for exactly YOU … if you want reliable mentorship and guidance to …
  • connect to/with your Inner Self, unleash and live your True Essence 
  • really GO towards YOUR DREAMS and make them REALITY
  • find your true Potential and Purpose and make it your "business" > SOULbusiness
  • get answers to questions regarding the way your are meant to go, the 'work' you are meant to do, ... as your Inner Self is THE expert and shows you THE "answers"
  • give your Self some space to BE (YOU), let your Inner Self create, enjoy the process and be open for magic (no goal, no expectation, no defined interpretation)
  • deepen your Yogic Knowledge and Praxis

Together we will find the unique Way of coaching and guidance just for YOU!

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Soulcreation YOGA. Workshop.

Experience SOULCREATION YOGA in one of our 5 hours WORKSHOPS, either online or offline.

  • 2 hours Yoga practice class (asanas, (guided) meditation, pranayama)
  • 2 hours creative guidance, activity, expression
  • 1 hour Q&A, reflections and exchange with like-minded people
  • creative journal and working sheets
  • A lot of insights, relaxation, JOY and FUN!
We are happily looking forward to meet you in our next Soulcreation Yoga Workshop!

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