200 hours Teacher Training

Koh Phratong – Thailand

Your private beach, the ocean, the jungle, stunning sunsets, plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables and coconuts and your beautiful, spacious and traditional wooden bungalow – while exploring not only the breathtaking Nature around you but also your Inner Nature.
Become an authentic and inspiring Teacher of Yoga with our special 200 hours TTC “Yoga & intuitive Selfexpression”, focused on Yin / Restorative and Hatha / Iyengar.
Koh Phratong is a little island around 45 minutes away from the mainland Kuraburi in Phangnga, Southern Thailand. It is known as the home island of the Moken (sea nomads), famous for its amazing underwaterworld and still untouched from masstourism and western influences, yet with all necessities you need during your Training stay.
The perfect place to embark your Journey into Yoga and your Self.


Asanas in detail & holistic practice Awareness
Proper alignment and adjustment according to Hatha & Iyengar Yoga: for Self practice as well as hands on and voice adjustment.
Raise your awareness to practice with your mind & and the inner knowing of your body to unleash the full benefit of each asana.


Making Business the yogic Way
Guidance in creating your course program aligned with your passions, taleants and your unique personality.
Business as extension of your Self!


Embodied Creation
Creative Guidance to let your Inner Self speak and guide you while taking your practice on the mat as reflection of what is going on in your Life and guidance to work on.
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What you get & how it works

  • 25 days Training program
  • 200 hours Yoga Alliance Certificate
  • Yoga equipment
  • Course Books, Working Sheets & Manual
  • Nourishing Goodie Bag for your Inner and Outer Beauty
  • Stay at an Eco Resort in a traditional bungalow according to your choice with your private beach, hot/cold shower, free wifi, filtered water, 3 vegan sattvic meals, plenty of tea, fruits and coconut water
  • Excursions to explore the Beauty of the surrounding Nature (jungle walk, savanna trip, snorkeling), the indigenous Moken (Sea nomads) way of living with Nature as well as Thai Buddhism in visiting a special Temple in Kuraburi on the mainland
  • 1 traditional Thai Massage
  • Airport and Boat Transfers
  • 15% off of further bookings of our course program
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Everyday Schedule

  • 6.00 am – Meditation & mindful start in the day
  • 6.30 am – Tea and Sat Kriya
  • 7.30 am – Pranayama
  • 7.30 – Hatha/Iyengar practice
  • 9.00 am – Breakfast
  • 10.00 am – Yogic Theory (Anatomy, Philosophy, Ayurveda)
  • 11.00 am – Art of Teaching, Course Creation & yogic Business Aspects
  • 12.00 pm – Alignment & Adjustment
  • 1.00  pm – Lunch and freetime
  • 3.00 pm – Yogic Theory (Anatomy, Philosophy, Ayurveda)
  • 4.30 pm – Yin / Restorative practice or Ashtanga
  • 6.00 pm – Yoga & creative intuitive Selfexpression
  • 7.00 pm – Dinner
  • 8.00 pm – Evening Program (music & mantra chanting,  bonfire on the beach, selfstudy, freetime or other activities)

Free Time & Excursions

Sundays and Saturday afternoon’s are free.
Time to relax or explore this amazing little Nature and traditional Culture jewel.
Enjoy your time on our private beach and swim in the ocean, watch the stunning sunsets and join us in our excursions to go on a jungle walk, savanna and snorkeling trip, visit a traditional Moken (Sea nomads) village and a special Buddhist temple, where you can talk with the abbot about traditional Buddhist meditation, modern Thai Buddhism and his work to support the Moken and Moklen after the Tsunami and how their indigenous way of living is in danger today.
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Teaching Content

Focus of our special TTC form is, next to the proper alignment and adjustment according to Hatha and Iyengar, on Yoga as Reflection of you and your Life as well as intuitive creative and authentic Selfexpression and -leadership.
Yoga is all about life itself and therefore it is about YOU as your yogic practice can make your full and true potential explode outwards into the world to live in accordance with your Inner and our Outer Nature. In addition with intuitive creative Selfexpression and individuell guidance you can deepen this process even more.If you want to fully concentrate on you and what Yoga is all about (for you) and how to share it with the world (in your way – including the creation of your own course program) within a safe, supportive, inspiring and joyful guidance then this Training is for you.Like a coming home while creating exact action steps on how to fully transform your life to be an expression and creation of your Truth and make it your yogic dance through life.
Hatha and Iyengar & Alignment and Adjustment
  • Know each asana in its detail and purpose
  • Know how to exactly prepare with specific exercises to be able to go into each asana (and further sequence a class)
  • Know how to align in the right way within each asana to get its real benefit and avoid injuries or damages because of a wrong practice
  • Know how to variate each asana to adjust according to your body and practice level
  • Know how to use blocks, belt and bolster as well as the wall to prepare for or adjust each asana
  • Get a step by step instructed guidance to progress in your asana practice in a safe and sure way to use your body’s full potential
Yin Yoga
  • Know and understand the basics of Yin Yoga with focus on how to use it as a healing method and practice
  • Learn about Traditional chinese medicine concepts
  • Know about and experience the interrelationship between Yin Yoga & Mindfulness
  • Learn about the Bewegungsmechanik des Korpers according to Yin Yoga (English)
  • Know how to use Yin Yoga in Physiotherapy
  • Get to know each Yin Yoga asana in detail and its effect on our whole system
  • Learn how to instruct and sequence a specific Yin class
  • Get a step by step instruction and guidance in theory and practice
  • Experience the beneficial effects of a Yin Yoga Practice within the practice classes
Restorative Yoga
  • Know about the difference between Restorative and Yin Yoga
  • Get instructed in how to practice asanas as restorative Yoga with props like bolsters, blocks and belts
  • Learn the benefits of Restorative Yoga on your nervous system for overall deep relaxation
  • Experience some restorative Yoga sessions on your own and how to use it within Yoga Nidra
Yoga & intuitive Selfexpression
  • Individual coaching and mentorship
  • Focus and support on your individual yogic journey, Self-connection, -awareness and -expression
  • How to use Yoga and creative intuitive expression to raise the awareness and connection to your true Inner Self and let it speak and guide you, get answers and  unleash your true potential and fulfill your Soul’s purpose
  • Yoga as Reflection of your Life and indicator to work on/heal specific aspects
The Art of Teaching, Course Creation and Business Aspects
  • Reflections on what makes a “great teacher”, its attitudes, appearance and intention, motivation, and find the teacher within you
  • Learn how to work on and with your body and voice to gain self-awareness and -confidence and express yourself authentic and true
  • Find and define your WHY as motivation to keep going no matter, be “strong” in your vision to fulfill your Souls purpose and appear as an authentic teacher.
  • Learn about the asanas, its benefits and effects, groups of asanas, classifying and sequencing
  • Know how to prepare, set up and instruct a class/workshop/retreat/course program
  • Create your own unique teaching style and course program according to your Why and individuality
  • Learn how to set up and lead an Online Business and Social Media as a Yoga Teachers
  • Get mentored in how to stay unique and successful without copy and paste systems and strategies
  • Discussion and reflection on the goal and purpose of teaching Yoga in our modern world without diminishing it to a fancy trend or merely physical exercise

As we know from our experience it actually doesn’t matter how progressed you are in your asana practice yet how aware and confident you are, how you feel and connected you got along the way (to your truth)!
Progressing in your asana practice with the wrong alignment while being unaware about the connection of your practice to your life itself doesn’t make you a good teacher!
Knowing about the proper alignment and detail of each asana and how to progress in a safe and secure way while fully observing and working on the interconnection between your practice and your life (as those two are a reflection and indicator to areas or situations which are meant to work on or heal) allows you to fully understand the truest essence of Yoga and experience what Yoga is able to do for your life so that you can share it in an authentic way, adapted to your students needs and wishes!
That is why we added the Bonus part regarding Yoga & Self-expression in this TTC, where we consciously observe and go within to realize which parts of our life/body are out of alignment and need some attention to work on and/or heal!

Breathing exercises are the heart of Yoga and are meant to cleanse and purify body and mind and especially our energy channels nadis since the breath is the bridge between our body and mind. You will learn how to be aware of and control your breath and further how to control your mind in using your breath and enhance your life energy prana. Breathing exercises will be practiced especially during the Ashtanga Practice classes every day and the Sivananda Yoga classes before or after the asana practice. You will be properly guided on how to use your breath while practicing the asana in both the Hatha and the Ashtanga classes to release tension and blocks, go deeper into the asana and activate the energy centers, chakras. You will learn about the health benefits if you use your breath properly. We will teach you the following pranayama techniques theoretically and practically so that you can fully understand and experience its benefits and purpose: Natural breathing (Yogic Breath), Nadi shodana, Kapalabhati, Bastrika, Ujayi
The practice of Meditation was actually the goal of the ancient purpose of the asana practice, so that the body and mind are well prepared and in a good shape to sit still … for hours … to get deeply in touch with the Inner Self and to “move” into higher consciousness. Therefore it is a very important practice to achieve a calm and steady mind, enforce your concentration and finally become more peace- and joyful. You will practice different types of meditation, from silent to guided, and experience its effects on your body and mind.
Mudras and Bandhas
In our Yogic Philosophy and Science classes you will learn about mudras (finger postures) and bandhas (energy locks) to enhance your life energy prana, stimulate your energy centers chakras, control your body energy and your mind. Further you will get the practical experience in the asana classes.
Satkarma Kriya  
Satkarma Kriya is one of the six yogic cleansing techniques (kriyas) referred to the “Hatha Yoga Pradipika“. In order to keep the body strong and healthy the early Yogis created special techniques to cleanse, detox and purify the body, so that life energy prana can flow undisturbed. Yet not only it is good for your health, also pranayama and meditation can be practiced with more ease and focus since the body is clean and strong. Satkarma Kriya will be properly guided from one of our teachers. Especially we will focus on the following three techniques:
·        Jala Neti … nasal cleansing using a neti pot and saline solution’
·        Sutra Neti … nasal cleansing using a thread for passing through the nostrils and out of the mouth
·        Kunjal Kriya … also known as Vamal Dhauti … cleansing the digestive system in drinking lukewarm, salty water until the stomach gets full and vomiting it through the mouth
Yogic Philosophy and Science
Beyond your mat Yoga is about Life itself, that is why it is often called as “art of living”. We would like to add it is an “art of living WITH Life”. The goal of our Yogic Philosophy and Science classes is to provide you the deep wisdom and ancient knowledge in an understandable way, so that you know about the true meaning and how to implement it in your own life. Yogic Philosophy and Science originates in ancient wisdom and concepts yet has immense value for our modern day life to raise our awareness towards a conscious and mindful way of living. That means, in our Philosophy and Science classes you will not only learn about (and be thought in a way so that you can really understand what Yoga is really about) this ancient and noble wisdom from sacred scriptures like the Bhagavad Gita and the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali yet you will also understand what value, information and knowledge they can give you for your everyday life.
Ayurveda and Yogic Diet
Ayurveda is the Science of Life itself, providing knowledge about how to lead an everyday life to keep our whole system in good shape and condition. Its concepts are based on three energy conditions gunas, whereas the most efficient energy is called sattvic. Goal is to create and maintain a sattvic energy level, means clean, pure, balanced energy in all areas of our life, including our nutrition, body movement and everyday routine. In this class you will learn about the basic concepts and most important practices, so that you will be able to also implement them in your everyday life. Special Focus will also be on a healthy and balanced nutrition according to Ayurveda and the importance and positive effects of a plant based nutrition.
Yogic Anatomy and Physiology
Yogic Anatomy and Physiology is the teaching on the structure and function of our physical body as well as our energy body system, so that you can understand how the asana and pranayama practice are affecting and working on and with it. Knowing about what our energy body system is and how it works let you understand the interconnection of our body and mind with our energy centers chakras and channels nadis, why our breath is influencing the wellbeing of our body and mind and finally let you realize how your whole systems works to “use” it in the best efficient way and to live “balanced and harmonious”. You will also learn about the anatomy related to each asana, to be clear about the proper alignment and adjustment, which will be discussed in the Alignment and Adjustment classes.
The exam is divided into a practical and a theoretical part. A theoretic exam will be asked from you in Yogic Anatomy and Physiology, Yogic Philosophy and Science and Ayurveda. There will be practical and theoretical homework for Methodology as well as for Alignment and Adjustment. For the practical teaching part you will be encouraged to prepare and conduct a class at the end of the course. In order to receive your RYT 200 certificate you need to absolve this exam successfully. We will offer you possibilities to train and practice your teaching skills and get confident in it throughout the whole course duration, so that you can really enjoy your Teaching after completing our Training.