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Double exposure of silhouette of woman doing yoga in lotus position over tree. Concept of connection with the universe and nature.


Living in Alignment with your Inner and Outer Nature.

Let your Inner Self speak and create

The ancient practice of traditional Hatha YOGA is all about connecting body, mind and soul with the goal to experience “oneness”, an experience where body is fit and relaxed, the mind is calm and the shattering of the Ego is almost silent. It goes along with the realisation that we are One with the creation power itself.

The practice of asanas, pranayama and meditation, a yogic nutrition and way of Life are meant for reaching this goal in cleansing and purifying our whole system and aligning us with Nature.

When our body, mind and soul are connected we are able to listen to our Inner voice and are therefore guided to live our true authentic Self and Potential, to experience joy and pure Love.

Our Inner voice is always speaking to us, showing us the way we are meant to go. We are just not aware of it when the voice of our Ego mind is loud and noisy and in a low energy vibration.

Through creative expression, which focuses on our Intuition and Soul or Inner Self connection, we open up a space of nonattachment, alignment and joy. A space, where we allow our Inner Self to speak, to create and to show, what we need to know, feel, experience, realise, align, adjust, let go in exactly that moment...we are open for new insights, possibilities and able to uncover our unique Potential.

Be aware that your Inner Self is the expert for everything and knows all the answers to your questions. All you have to a do is get out of the way, open up and let guide you!

Let create …. through drawing, painting, dancing, moving, writing, playing, exploring and discovering nature and music …

Let guide you … through meditation, phantasy journeys, reading, listening …

Let your Inner Self do whatever it wants!

Yes, we create work of arts, but not in the classical sense. We don’t let anything tell what we have to create or how it shall look like. There are no rules, no judgements, no defined interpretations.                           We LET create work of arts, which speak to us and show us the way our Inner Self is meant to go. 

No goal, no theory, no expectation                                                                                                                        Being creative without expectations allows our body, mind and soul to experience deep relaxation and open up for a yet unknown magic!

The combination of YOGA and (guided) conscious creative expression is wonderful to not only really relax and restore your whole system yet to get deeply connected to your true Essence to be guided and receive valuable and meaningful answers to your questions.

Soulcreation.YOGA. is therefore the combination of the ancient knowledge and practices of YOGA, theories and insights of Modern Science regarding our Human Potential and special creative exercises to unleash, explore and empower our True Self and Unique Potential to live Life fully.

Living in alignment with our TRUE SELF and living LIFE fully means we DO and LIVE WHAT WE LOVE. If we feel excited about something or are really good in something, that is where our true Potential lies. Yet we are so conditioned to do what is “asked” from us and to ONLY function, that we forget about our true treasures so that they get hidden inside of us … yet the moment we realize that this treasures are meant to dig out again and to be used we also realise, that we are not only living in alignment with our true Purpose and therefore experience Joy and Happiness again, yet that we are ALSO ABLE to SERVE and make a great positive impact … to our surrounding, to Mother NATURE to our Planet EARTH … without taking much effort … because we opened up our Heart so that we are able to follow our Inner VOICE … that means we are OPEN TO WONDERFUL POSSIBILITIES AND WAYS OF LIVING OUR INNER SELF LEADS US TO, which are meant for US.    

Soulcreation. YOGA.

is the perfect combination of YOGA and conscious creative expression to align body, mind and soul with our Inner and Outer Nature … and …

… is for YOU if you want to …

  • strengthen the trust in your own ability to know and heal
  • cleanse and activate your whole body and mind system
  • feel relaxed and energized
  • calm your Ego mind and concentrate on your Inner Self’s voice
  • experience Joy and pure Love
  • get new insights, realise answers and know solutions
  • open the door to your intuition and Inner Self
  • uncover and live your true Potential
  • create a life in alignment with YOUR true Nature and Mother Nature …

…. means you DO WHAT YOU LOVE as your new WAY OF LIVING …. joyfully and successfully

It’s about Creation and Life itself living WITH Life … about unveiling hidden Treasures and Gifts and realising that all the Creation Power of the Universe is right inside of YOU.


  created by Julia, while teaching Yoga and traveling in Thailand and Malaysia and being inspired to create something that is fully aligned with and combines all her knowledge from her studies and her own experiences …

For further Details and/or individual appointments contact Julia directly at

Soulcreation.YOGA.Individual Session.

Couching and Guidance.  Online & Offline

The Individual Sessions combine intuitive, soulution orientated, creative expression methods with the knowledge and practice of traditional Hatha Yoga as well as modern and ancient insights regarding our Human Potential for exactly YOU … if you want reliable mentorship and guidance to …

… connect to your Inner Self, uncover and live your True Potential

… to really GO towards YOUR DREAMS and make them REALITY

… give your Self some space to create, explore different ways of creative expression and enjoy the process                           (no goal, no expectation, no defined interpretation)

… deepen your Yogic Knowledge and Praxis                                                                                                                                                          (ALL of Yoga … asana, pranayama, meditation, mantra, mudra, nutrition, positive thinking and concept of body, mind and soul)

Together we will find the unique Way of coaching and guidance just for YOU!

For details contact directly Julia at and let us meet in a free 15 minutes clearing session.

I am looking forward to meet and work with you!


Online Membership to LIVE in Alignment with your True Nature. Every Day!

OPENS UP SOON … STAY UPDATED here, on our FB Group Rishikesh Yoga Valley or with our NEWSLETTER!

Mother Earth needs sparkling Individuals who live in alignment with their and her Nature!       

If you are committed to explore, express and life your true Potential, sparkle your Light, live a life full of Joy and Love, DO WHAT YOU LOVE and make an awesome impact on this planet …

Come and join!

Learn how to …

… raise your Awareness and Vibration to Whom and What you truly are

… cleanse your body and mind … and …

… connect and align with your Inner Self and listen to its Voice

… uncover and know your unique Potential

… trust your Intuition and Inner Guidance

… create a Life in alignment with your True Nature and Potential and our MOTHEER NATURE

Explore and study Theories and Practices of …

  traditional Hatha Yoga and the Science of Ayurveda

….  Ancient knowledge and modern science concepts regarding the importance of a Plant based Nutrition

... intuitive and conscious creative Expression to unleash your Inner Voice and Guidance

… indigenous and traditional healing concepts

… modern science and ancient knowledge regarding our human Potential

… different ancient, indigenous and modern concepts regarding a nature aligned life

… renowned Yoga and Ayurveda masters and traditional healing experts

… renowned “new thought leaders”

… practices and methods for a sustainable Everyday Life from ancient and modern view (natural Beauty secrets, wholesome Food consumption, naturals ways to stay fit and healthy, … )

What you get …

… weekly …

… Guidance, schedule and worksheets for your everyday Yoga Practice

… Guidance for a wholesome plant based Nutrition (inclusive meal plan and recipes)

… Guidance and Inspiration for your creative practice

… Inspiration for a sustainable, joyous and conscious creative way of living Every DAY!

… Essay regarding theory and practice of specific topic aligned with Soulcreation.YOGA.Membership’s content


LIVE Session Group Call … to connect, holding accountable and Q&A and deepen your knowledge and understanding

… ACCESS to our private Soulcreation.YOGA.Membership Facebook Group

Soulcreation.YOGA. Membership Program is so designed, that Every One can really implement a yogic, creative and sustainable way of living in our Everyday Life, means the inspirational and guidance practices are suitable for either a minimum amount of effort of your time or to dive deeper and really work on and with YOUR Self.

You can count on reliable Guidance and Mentorship.

Connect, share and create with other likeminded Beings in our Soulcreation Facebook Group!


from being aware of Who you truly are to live a Life aligned with your unique Nature and Potential …

and you can work on all your Awesomeness in your own rhythm!

Don’t worry … you don’t need to be an “Artist” (in the classical sense … because actually we are all Artists as we are powerful Creators ) or “Yoga Master” to join  Soulcreation.YOGA. Membership (if you are … it’s good tao … you won’t be bored ) … what I want to say … there is no pre knowledge or practice required … all theories, practices, exercises are designed for everyone and explained in detail! (regarding the Yoga practise … some asanas body postures and movements are divided into beginners and intermediate and advanced … so you can practise with self-responsibility and how it feels good for you in the moment)

Do you have Questions or want to know more details don’t hesitate to contact Julia NOW at


Experience SOULCREATION.YOGA in one of our monthly 5 hours WORKSHOPS, either online or offline.

What you get …

… 2 hours Traditional Yoga practice class

… 2 hours creative guidance and expression

… 1 hour Q&A, reflections and exchange with like minded people

… creative journal and working sheets

… A lot of insights, relaxation, joy and FUN!

Check our actual course program in Courses.Dates.Fees. and apply for our next Workshop NOW!


Yess, we created a whole week for Soulcreation.YOGA. ONLY … and we are inviting you to join us if you want to deepen your YOGA practice with us, being guided towards your true, unique Potential and let your Self create so that you can experience the DANCE and FLOW of LIFE itself, be joyful and know your Self a little or even much better.

We provide our Soulcreation.YOGA. Retreats in India, Thailand and Italy.

Check out our actual course program in Courses.Dates.Fees. and we are happily looking forward to welcome, practice and create with You either online or offline!

Ethno School

Nature and Culture

Living in alignment with Nature ~ Creating Culture aligned with Nature

When we live in alignment with our Inner Nature, which is our True Self, we live in alignment with Mother Earth and Each Other and we are creating a culture based on respect and love, sustainability and peace. We realise that we are not only creating our own Life, but influence Mother Earth and the Lives of other Beings with each thought and action we take.                                                                                            

We all know, that this high conscious awareness and way of living has to manifest again to save and retain our Planet Earth with all its Beings. One step to raise this awareness is to inform, spread knowledge, connect and share, create projects, invite and motivate to take Action.

And here we are!                                              JOIN, connect, share, EXPLORE, take action, CREATE!


get inspired to live a Live in Harmony, Joy, PEACE and Abundance

and BE the CHANGE YOU want to see in the WORLD!

Ethnology or Cultural- and Social Anthropology is the study of Human Life with all its creations and expressions. It’s the study of Life itself…and actually it is knowledge for everyone!                         That’s why the goal of Ethno School is to make modern scientific theories as well as ancient indigenous concepts and knowledge simple and understandable, mix it with creative practices and bring it down to a day to day life … to raise the awareness regarding the importance of a sustainable and peaceful way of living, showing ways to do so in a harmonious and joyful and abundant way!

Ethno School is about

… exploring different ways of living and their influence on Nature

… raising the awareness of the importance of a Nature aligned way of living and being part of conscious creation

… knowing about the connection about our Inner and Outer Nature and its influence on creating ‘culture’

… getting new insights, understanding and practices for the own day to day Life

… connecting and sharing knowledge and experiences with other likeminded people

… taking action and creating together towards a sustainable, peaceful and joyous Life

Learn about and explore

… the concepts of Inner and Outer Nature as well as Culture

… the influence of cultural expression and creation on Nature and all Beings

… ancient Knowledge and Insights of modern Science regarding our true human Potential

… different views, theories and concepts of living in alignment with Nature

… ancient indigenous Nature aligned ways of living and their influence to maintain and save Nature today

… the effects of nonaligned living on Mother Earth and all its Living Beings

… Peace studies and concepts

… Sustainability and the use of natural resources

… specific ideas, concepts and projects regarding the support of indigenous ethnicities and humans, who are living in conflict areas or are victims of any kind of practice against our human rights

… specific ideas, concepts and projects regarding the maintenance of ancient indigenous knowledge, wisdom and practises as well as supporting sustainability and the availability and use of natural resources

Connect, share, question and answer whenever you want in our private Ethno School Group on Facebook with other likeminded people and once a month in our Live group session.

Take action and create a joyful life aligned with your Inner Nature and live with Life and Nature. Be open to see all expressions and creations of living as a Human Being on this planet and know that you are a conscious creator and you have the unique potential to do anything you want and you can make an amazing impact on this planet with every action you take!

What you get …

… weekly …

essay about a specific topic regarding Nature aligned living from an ethnological, YOGIC and creative view:                                                                                                                                                    

a mix of …

… scientific concepts and theories,

… personal experiences, researches, field studies and insights,

… stories of human life

… practical (creative) exercises

… to deepen your knowledge … raise your awareness … and get you motivated to take a conscious and well thought and known ACTION



… monthly …

LIVE SESSION CALLS … to deepen your knowledge and understanding, get connected and active

… Access to our private Ethno School Facebook Group

… get connected with likeminded people, share and exchange, support and hold each other accountable, support and create sustainable projects towards a peaceful, harmonious and  joyous life.

For further Information and details on how it works or Questions, ideas and work togethers …

join our Facebook PAGE ETHNO SCHOOL or contact us at coelho-quote