The Joy of Living is within YOU

Experience the Joy of Living through embodying your true Essence with Yoga & Ayurveda and intuitive creative Selfexpression.

1 Month Online Live Program

Start 15 of May

EUR 250 – Special Offer NOW EUR 70


What you get

  • 4 Asana / Pranayama / Meditation Sessions
  • 4 Lectures with Masterclass Character
  • 4 Intuitive creative Selfexpression Sessions
  • 2 ayurvedic Cooking Sessions
  • 1 Joy of Living Manual with Inspirations for your yogic way of Living
  • Private FB Group to connect, co-create, support & have fun
  • Individual Guidance & Support (limited spaces)
  • Live Session Recordings

Body & Inner Self-connection, living in alignment with Mother Nature let us realize our purpose. Being and living on purpose, knowing our Why awakes your Inner Joy to 100% so that it has no other choice than to finally explode and fills up not only you,  but all of your surrounding.  

Real and lasting Joy can only arise from within You! No outer experience or material thing alone can make you happy and joyful – maybe temporary, yes, maybe it gives you some push to lighten up the fire of joy within you.
Happiness, Joy and Bliss can only arise when we live in alignment of who we truly are – embodied – raw, honest and unapoligecally. This is often easier said then done, especially when we are not fully connected to our Self.
That is why this 1 Month Program is designed to guide you step by step into a joyful living from within. And yess it is a process and it takes work and it can be hard, painful and unpleasured BUT you can trust that it also will make so much fun and finally liberating and uplifting so that you can live happy and joyfully after.

Each week there will be a specific Aspect focused on each of the following Sessions:

Asana/Pranayama/Meditation Session
cleanse, purify and strengthen your whole System for a healthy body and mind and your Inner Voice to speak up. Let you reaslise and understand the theoretical concepts through your own experience. Raises your vibrational state so that you are able to listen to its whisper, have the courage to follow it and let Joy fill you up.
Lecture with Journal Question to support you with your Realisation, Reflection and taking Action Steps (Masterclass Character)
Inputs from yogic Science and Ayurveda let you understand on theoretical level how your System really works and how to nourish it to support not only your physical body and mind health, but also how to support your unique constitution to bloom through your actions in your everyday life. Further will specific Instructions let you take action on practical level in your everyday life – to embrace the yogic way of living.
Intuitive Creative Selfexpression Session
We let our Inner Self speak, guide and lead us in giving us answers, insights and deepening the connection with our Self. The Sessions are structured with guided instructions, reflection questions and enough free space for your Inner Self to show up to support you in the process and learn more and more the language of your Inner Self and follow its lead.
 Cooking Classes and the Joy of Living Manual will further inspire you!

In this 1 month Program we will prepare you to experience and express your Inner Joy fully in focusing on the following aspects step by step:

  • Bodyawareness and -connection
To enrich your Life with Joy from within you need to be in full connection and awareness of your whole System, how it works and what it needs – Joy arises within a healthy, pure Body and a positive and open mind & heart. Know and “own” your body – means feel fully connected, present and overall good and comfortable within your body – and know how your whole system works and how to take care of your whole system (all of your bodies).
  • Living in alignment with our Inner and Outer Nature
Ayurveda states that we are made up from the five Elements – that we are Nature itself – which are defining not only our Body constitution but also our Personality, from our Intellect to our Emotions.
Living according our unique elemental Constitution and embodying our true Essence means fully being and showing up as who we truly are when we walk, speak, work, laugh, play, relax. This leads to a conscious and sustainable Way of Living while learning from and copying Mother Nature and using its precious treasures to let her nourish us.
  • Beauty- and Selfcare AND expressing & embodying your Truth as act of Selflove
Selflove and Selfcare are trendy words in the spiritual wellness and coaching scene at the moment and too often it seems like the chocolate cake date with your Self, or the Goddess Bath are doing it, yet in Truth it goes much further. Beauty- and Selfcare, as in the ancient ayurvedic Tradition is an everyday unquestionable Act of Routine.
Besides inspiring you with the most efficient ayurvedic Selfcare Practices according to your unique constitution aligned with your everyday Routine we will look closer into what Selflove really means – and we will come to the point that Selflove is actually not only about doing your facemask, but expressing your true Essence in your Life – every moment! This is the truest Form of showing your Self that you love it – in letting it live and not hide it away!
Often we find it hard to express our Truth, be who we truly are – this can be because of very stucked Energy – coming from Stress, limiting Believes, fear, traumas, holding back and so on – within our Bodies, especially our hips and blocked Chakras. Through conscious movement through the asanas with inner heart awareness and intuitive movement we learn to release tension, stress and old stucked emotions from the body and mind – we will feel free again and coming back to our Self-Awareness and Connection being able to show up as who we are and having so much energy, while feeling so good within our Body to go for our Dreams and do what we love fully enJOYing!
As the english word enjoy says on itself – Joy is a side product from enjoying what we do!
  • Selfleadership & Embodyment

And here we are – so close to experience this Joy from within.
After knowing how to cleanse and connect with our Body and our Inner Self, and how to take care of and nourish our System, we are finally reflecting and exploring our Why and our true Purpose in letting our Inner Self speak to us – guide and lead us – to finally create the next Action Steps towards our way to embody it into the Life we want and are meant to live.

Real Joy arises when our Body is cleansed, pure and healthy, and our mind is peaceful, calm and positive, when you are connected to your Self and fully “satisfied” with who you are and what you do on a very conscious level, means when you know, have and live your Why, your Purpose!

Yoga & Ayurveda combined with intuitive creative Selfexpression and our unique, individual Guidance will get you there! Join us!

What are you waiting for?