everyday habits of a yoga teacher

What is it about Yogis that makes them so composed, collected & helps them live in harmony with their body & mind. 

There are no big secrets. With discipline & few lifestyle changes everyone of us can achieve a satvic body & mind. Here are a few simple yet significant practices in a Yoga practitioner ‘s life. 

1] The waking hour

According to Ayurveda, Bramha Muhurtam is the ideal time to wake up and practice all the cleansing procedures followed by practice of any kind of exercises or Yoga. It sets in right before 45minutes of sunrise, wherever in the world you may reside. It is a divine timing to indulge in your pranayam practices, as the universal energy during this time is pure & balanced. 

It is easy to hold your focus longer in the calm hours of early mornings, with least distractions to your senses. 

However, make sure you’ve had atleast 7- 8 hours of healthy sleep before you begin your practice. Make sure to be flexible with your waking /sleeping hours to fulfill the same. 

2] Practice of cleansing procedures. 

These are called as Shatkarma, and have to be practiced keeping in mind the stipulated gap between each practice . 

The Shatkarmas are 6 in number :

1) Neti 

2) Dhauti 

3) Basti 

4) Nauli

5) Kapalabhati

6) Trataka 

Some of them may be practiced regularly, while others are advised to be practiced on weekly basis only. For eg ; Nauli, Kapalabhati & Trataka can be practiced everyday, while the rest are practiced once in a while. 

3] Timely intake of food

Making sure you always start your practice on empty stomach,early in the morning, after having cleared your bowels. Intake of food is advised before 2 and a half to 3hrs prior practice. 

General intake of Satvic food is advised for cultivating a healthier lifestyle. 

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If you’re practicing during evening and if you feel like you might need a snack for some energy boost up, you could have a banana before 30-40mins of practice. 

Drinking water during the practice is not advisable. It may be taken 30mins prior to your practice.  If you feel extremely fatigued during the practice, then it is advised to be taken in sips. It may be taken 30mins prior to your practice.  If you feel extremely fatigued during the practice, then it is advised to be taken in sips. 

4] No Rush

Remember there is no rush. Honestly, there is no timeline to chase. So let your body unfold at its pace. With every practice we gotta be ready to humble ourselves on our mats. We let go of our fear, doubt and our insecurities everyday. Some days you feel strong and on some days you might not, yet remember all days are undeniably worthy. 

5] Meditating before sleep

After a long day of work, this is easily the most tempting practice to skip. Yet, when practiced religiously, meditation before bed immensly impacts our nervous system. It eliminates the entire day’s oxidative stress and toxins produced within our system.

It balances one’s physical, mental and emotional status. Thus, facilitating the timely release of harmones in our body, which in turn maintains a person’s circadian rhythm. 

It induces good sleep, and gears up your body and mind for the next day’s practice. 

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Lastly, we advice against Smoking, substance abuse or any habits that may damage your gifted bodies. 

Love yourself everyday and let your Light reflect and rise everything and everyone that surrounds you. Happy Practicing.