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Why Us

WHY Rishikesh Yoga Valley



As we see YOGA as a Way of Living in Joy, Happiness and Peace with our Inner and Outer Nature we know that this Way of Living is able to make the world a better place and therefore it is most precious to share.
The positive effects of YOGA are not only on the physical level: as the word ‘yoga’ (Sanskrit) means ‘unite’ it is about the connection of our body, mind and soul and therefore also the harmonious connection to our Inner Self, our Inner Nature and its presence in our Outer Nature.
Being in touch with our Inner Being, means knowing why we are here for, what is our true purpose and potential.
That is why we are so motivated to share and spread the Light of Yoga with as many people as possible!



  • authentic Teaching regarding the traditional yogic knowledge, concepts and practices
  • authentic Masters from India and well trained and experienced Teachers from Europe
  • individual Guidance because of limited space of max. 12 students
  • unique combination of traditional, ancient knowledge and modern science insights regarding our true Potential to support our Students to life their Life fully expressed in their own unique way
  • focus on how to live a Life aligned with our Inner and Outer Nature to experience and spread Joy, Happiness and Peace and raise the awareness towards a sustainable way of living unique
  • unique combination of Yoga & intuitive creative expression and Yoga & Ethnology
  • Focus on proper alignment and adjustment
  • Focus on Yoga & Ayurveda

  • ongoing accountability and connection after course completion/retreat journey/coaching ...