As a yoga teacher I can confidently say that yoga has transformed my life. I have been
practicing yoga for years and initially it took me a year or two to realize & completely
understand the impact of yoga on me. It has been a life-changing experience, a new
discovery of self & the world, a fresh perspective, and more. I have been a yoga teacher for years now, and here I am sharing what to expect from 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training. After years of practice, learning & experiences, the idea of
starting our yoga school The Rishikesh Yoga Valley was born and with love and sincerity
towards yoga as our foundation we have built it.
In this article I’m going to talk about the benefits of yoga that no one else is talking about and
also going to introduce you to our unique 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training course at
Rishikesh Yoga Valley where you can reap these benefits.

So what is it like to be a part of a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program at Rishikesh Yoga

Certification is only one of the infinite benefits that our yoga course offers. By the end of our
200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course you will receive Yoga Alliance USA accredited
certificate which will allow you to teach yoga anywhere in the world.
The importance of the certificate has been spoken by many & multiple times, but this article
is not just about the certification, I’m here to talk about benefits beyond that.

Benefits of Yoga & Understanding Yoga beyond asanas:
Yoga is often looked at as just a physical exercise, fancy twisting & turning of the body. In
our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher training course at Rishikesh Yoga Valley, we will introduce you to
yoga beyond asanas – yoga as a way of life (yogic lifestyle), yoga as a way to heal self &
others – mentally, physically, & emotionally.
We, at Rishikesh Yoga Valley, will introduce you to the authentic yoga that was once
practiced by ancient Indians to not just live a peaceful & prosperous life, but also to attain
greater & divine knowledge, to look within, to ask right questions, and to walk the right path.

In depth Knowledge about Yoga:
The 200 Hour Yoga teacher Training at Rishikesh Yoga Valley curriculum includes detailed &
in depth knowledge about yoga. The curriculum includes the history of yoga, patanjali yoga
sutras, different types of yoga, the 8 principles (limbs) of yoga, anatomy & physiology of
human body & how yoga affects the same, pranayama, asanas, kriya, bandha, teaching
methodology, yogic path & lifestyle and much more.
Our curriculum is designed not just based on theory, but based on the experiences &
learning from several years of learning, teaching, experimenting, designing & redesigning.
And our curriculum & teachings too evolve as we all collectively evolve. We have designed it
to make our students great value-providers with a 360┬░approach & have in-depth
understanding of yoga.

Be a part of the community:
As a yoga enthusiast since childhood, being a part of a great community has helped me
become a good teacher & also start my yoga school. Community has been a biggest reason
for the success of my school The Rishikesh Yoga Valley. And hence we strive to provide a
safe & secure space for our students to not just bond with each other, but also connect with
fellow learners on a deeper level, express themselves freely & interact & build life-long
friendships. Over the years, our students’ little community has grown to be a safe space for
learning, sharing & helping each other grow.
There are demo sessions where our students are allowed to be incharge of the class and
conduct the yoga sessions. This allows students to conduct their first class within the
academy, helping them to build confidence, a safe space to correct others & to be corrected,
to share & receive constructive feedback.
Our students also discuss their ideas for teaching, tips to enhance the student experience &
better teaching, & help each other grow.

Personal Growth:
As we have already mentioned that we believe and understand that yoga is not just a
physical exercise, the benefits of yoga go beyond our physical body. As a practitioner &
teacher I have experienced yoga as a means for mental, emotional, spiritual growth & even
beyond that.
The immersive experience of yoga has helped me and our students to look within & discover
hidden feelings, passions, talents, etc. It has helped us to build a deeper connection with
ourselves & the Universe.

Teaching Techniques:
Being a teacher training program, the teaching plan & teaching methodologies are our
priorities for the course. We teach sequencing, adjustments, cues, etc with great attention to
The practical & theory sessions of 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training are designed by the
experts in Yoga who have been performing for at least 15+ years.
Apart from the above mentioned benefits, here are some of many reasons why Rishikesh
Yoga Valley is one of the most loved yoga institutions:

1. Yoga in the lap of nature
Rishikesh Yoga Valley is located in the foothills of Himalayas. As a yoga teacher
being born in this land has been a boon because there isn’t really a better place to
practice yoga than on the banks of India’s holy river – Maa Ganga and under the
shade of the mighty Himalayas. We have always believed that mountain gods guard
us & in their lap we thrive. Practicing yoga in mountains is something to be
experienced rather than be told. Afterall, Rishikesh is the Yoga Capital of India for a

2. Best Facilities
Rishikesh Yoga Valley is well equipped with a yoga Hall, props, best teachers, and
most importantly a safe space for practitioners to embark on their new journey of

3. Best teachers
Our teachers at Rishikesh Yoga Valley are very experienced, knowledgeable &
qualified with best interests for their students.

4. Class size & personal attention to students
We carry out classes with a maximum of 12 students in order to make sure proper
attention is given to every student & ensure the best learning for everyone.

5. Well designed curriculum
As mentioned earlier the curriculum is designed keeping in mind a holistic approach
to yoga & not just asana practice. Right from waking up to going to the bed in the
night we help, train & encourage our students to be intentional & attentive with their
actions & follow the yogic lifestyle.

6. Post Training support
We at Rishikesh Yoga Valley understand that there is more to yoga than just what
can be covered in a 25 days Teacher training course, hence we are available over
calls, messages & emails to solve the queries of our students even after the course

7. Student Feedbacks
Well, we don’t like to bluff, but our students think Rishikesh yoga valley is the
best yoga school in Rishikesh.

8. USA Alliance Accredited Institute
We are accredited & licensed by USA Yoga Alliance & provide USA Alliance
accredited certificates to our students.
Commonly Asked Questions:
I am a beginner? Can I join the 200Hr Teacher Training Course?
The 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training is designed for beginner to intermediate practitioners.
However, absolute beginners can start their self-practice a week or two before the course
begins to get familiar with basic asanas & their names.
Can I start teaching after the 200 Hour Teacher training course?
Yes, you can start teaching after the 200 Hour teacher training course.
We hope this article helped you to understand what to expect from our 200 Hour Yoga
Teacher Training Course. Let us know if you’d like to experience the bliss & magic of Yoga at
Rishikesh Yoga Valley!

Hari Om! Namaste