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Soulcreation Yoga & intuive Selfexpression





This is our special program and invitation for YOU

When we live in alignment with our Inner Nature, which is our true Self, we live in alignment with Mother Earth and each other and we are creating a culture based on respect, support and sustainability, harmony, peace and love.

We realize that we are not only creating our own life according to our aligned with our unique essence, but influence Mother Earth and the lives of other Beings with each thought and action we take.

We all know, that this conscious awareness and way of living has to manifest again to save and retain our Outer Nature and to fulfill our Inner Nature’s unique purpose.

And here we are!

Goal of our Ethno Yoga Program is to raise the awareness and vibration into Joy, Peace and Truth in sharing valuable knowledge and practices, guiding and inspiring YOU to shine and live your truest essence and unique potential, while living a sustainable and harmonious life with each other as well as supporting and creating meaningful authentic projects.

And for achieving this goal we combine Yoga, ancient indigenous ad traditional nwisdom and the healing power of intuitive creative Selfexpression!

Why -  because these disciplines  are about LIFE itself and they show ways on how to live WITH Life, in alignment with our Inner and Outer Nature.

The principle of yogic Science

Look deep into Nature and you will understand your Self

Look deep into your Self and you will understand the secrets of Nature and Life itself



Yoga is about Life itself and it shows us how to live with Life, means how to live in union with our Inner and Outer Nature. Practicing Yoga in the ancient tradition means not only the physical practice on the mat yet a whole system which combines body movement and postures asanas, breathing methods pranayama, meditation, positive thinking and a vegetarian/vegan nutrition and a joy- and peaceful sustainable way of living. Practicing Yoga in its wholeness and implementing it in your everyday life cleanses your whole system, means your body and mind and opens up your heart thought, so that you can realize the true essence of life and nature and LIVE your true and full Potential.


.Ethnology is the study of human life with all its creations and its expressions.
From ancient traditional wisdom and medicine systems, small indigenous ethnic groups, to modern discussions regarding migration and globalism, peace studies to preserving material culture and immaterial knowledge. AND SO ON!
It’s the STUDY OF LIFE ITSELF - and therefor it is actually KNOWLEDGE FOR EVERYONE!
Especially in today’s time it is more than important to know about the different ways of living and its effect on each of us and on Mother Nature - to understand, get inspired, connect and take action towards a peaceful and sustainable future.


Intuitive creative expression opens up our heart thought an shuts up our (disturbing) mind thoughts in using our Body as what it is meant to be - the instrument to let our Inner SElf speck, create and lead - so that we only have to follow in taking aligned action.
Through creative expression, which focuses on our Intuition, we open up a space of nonattachment, alignment and joy
A space, where we allow our Inner Self to speak, express and to create and guide us.
Being creative without expectations allows our body, mind and soul to experience deep relaxation and opens up for a yet unknown inner Potential!.


Your Body is your Instrument to create and to express - but not only what you dictate him with your conscious mind, but it is also a communication vessel for your Inner Self’s voice, even if you are not aware of it.

When we silent our mind and let our body just create, move, express, our Inner Voice will take over and dictate what and how to do. Often our mind will not understand its language, yet when we look closer we will get the meaning and understanding and with time we will not only understand more clearly but also open our Self more and more up to receive the messages from within.

Using our body as instrument to get guidance from within as well as to express our Self and its Truth is the only way to life a life fully aligned with our potential and purpose.

All the answers are within you – so let them come out!

To receive the messages from within we need to know how we can let our body create, move, express as if nobody (your conditioned mind) is watching and disturbing. Also we need to take care of our whole system (physical and non-physical) and hold it pure and clean. Here is where Yoga come into its play.

Yoga in all its aspects (asanas, pranayama, meditation, nutrition, ayurvedic routine and selfcare, nada yoga and yoga nidra) aligned with our unique constitution cleanses and purifies, raises our vibration and mood/feelings into Love, Joy and Peace while opening our heart center to give our Inner Voice space.

Now we are ready to hear and receive, now we are ready to look closer, understand and see which aspects within us and our life are not aligned with our highest truth, where we are going against us, what changes we would need to make, to fully live WITH our SELF.

As our body mirrors everything what is going on, the asanas, which are related not only to our physical body, yet also to our non-physical bodies as well as to our emotions and feelings, mind state and our spiritual sphere (as we are a multidimensional being, within all our parts are interconnected) is a great way to focus on, if we want to work on specific aspects within our Self and our Life to align and heal.

Yet we need to have the right knowledge and guidance, so that we can realize and understand and know how to work on.

Maybe you know, that there are some asanas, which you don’t really like, or you fully feel uncomfortable with some positions. Normal reaction is to avoid them and say, we don’t need to “manage” each and every asana. Yes, that is true, if we speak just about the physical level. Yet if we want to work on our Self this is where we have to look at, with a safe guidance.

It can be a relation to an emotional situation or a personal topic, we always deal with but don’t know how to solve and the asana and pranayama practice are the indicator to show what and where to work on and go deeper. Often it is a sudden moment and everything makes sense, when we get to know about the asana on a deeper level.

Yoga and intuitive creative expression are a powerful combination to truly connect to our Inner Self, open up the space to let it speak, express, create, guide. Combined and guided in a safe atmosphere you will be amazed how suddenly the answers you were always looking for are arising, everything starts to make sense and you can move forward as your embodied Truth.

The Yoga Practice is Traditional Hatha Yoga, combined with a coaching where we work with the elements, yin and yang dynamics, doshas, chakras and nadis as well as specific body parts – on a theoretical and practical level - and focusing on intentions and aspects which are relevant for you.

Within the intuitive creative expression we first and foremost see our Body as the Instrument to create and follow its impulses for every way of creation like movement, painting, writing, installations, collages, vision boards, nature art, singing and sounding, making music.