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Koh Phratong

Southern Thailand

"Return to Nature -
our Outer and your Inner"


*yogic practice to connect deep within, cleanse and energize your whole system

* creative intuitive expression for full relaxation as well as to let your Inner Self speak and guide you

* indigenous and traditional concepts and ways of living to explore how to live with Mother Nature and unleash our true human potential

* the stunning Beauty of Nature as encyclopedia to inspire you to do the same - blossom

*your traditional wooden bungalow on your private beach directly on the ocean

* inspirations and knowledge for a yogic and sustainable Nature aligned life - for your everyday life

yoga thai
Join us on this beautiful journey to Koh Phratong in Southern Thailand, start or deepen your yogic practice while exploring the teachings of Buddha in an authentic way explained from a monk, who dedicated his life to not only share Buddhism according the Theravada Tradition yet also to help and support the people in his community, especially poor Thais and the Moken/Moklen (sea nomads) – on the Temple area is a kindergarten for around 100 kids (build after the Tsunami 2004), which means you will visit a very special temple, where the laughter of children goes one in one with the silence of meditation.
Experience the traditional Moken way of living in participating in their day to day life on and with the the ocean, while staying on the still untouristic breathtaking island Koh Phratong.
Enjoy your time in a beautiful eco resort with your private beach directly at the ocean, nutritious vegan Thai food, 2 Yoga program sessions per day as well as a traditional Thai massage and time for swimming and relaxing.
A walk through the jungle in the National Park as well as snorkeling in the ocean and a trip to the savanna will let you dwell in the beauty of Mother Nature.
Our Yoga Program focuses on relaxing and grounding Yin/Restorative as well as dynamic and energising Hatha/Iyengar Sessions, while the proper alignments and adjustments are instructed precisely.
Special Yoga & intuitive creative Selfexpression Sessions will not only assure deep relaxation but also guide you to connect with your Inner Nature & let its voice whisper to provide you insights and answers, guide and lead you to create and take aligned action!
In our evening lectures at the bon fire you will get inspired on how to implement Yoga and Ayurveda in your everyday life as well as how to live in alignment with our Inner and Outer Nature for a sustainable, peace-, joy- and purposeful life.
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Wooden Bungalow
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* 1 dynamic morning asana & pranayama Session / day
* 1 grounding and meditative evening Session /day - Yin / Restorative, Yoga & intuitive Selfexpression

* Visit a special Buddhist Temple in Kuraburi on the mainland:
- Join a ceremony and experience the today Buddhist way of living
- Talk with the abbot of the Temple, Phrakhru Suwatthithammarat about modern Thai Buddhism and his work with NGO’s to maintain the traditional way of living of the Moken

*Visit a traditional Moklen / Moken village and explore their way of living and ancient wisdom about Nature and the Universe

*Snorkeling, Jungle Walk, Savannah Trip

*2 lectures:
-Yoga and Ayurveda for your everyday life
-Living in alignment with our Inner and Outer Nature for a sustainable, peaceful and joy- and purposeful life

*Stay for 8 days and 7 nights at an Eco Resort in a traditional bungalow with your private beach

*2 vegan Thai meals / day

*free WIFI
*filtered water
*fruits, juices & coconut water
*hot/cold shower

* 1 traditional Thai massage

*Goodie Bag for your Outer and Inner Beauty

*Airport Transfer

*Boat transfer from Kuraburi to Koh Phratong and back

Long tail boat transfer
Morning Savanna trip