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Creating "Culture" in alignment with Nature

Are you ready to step into a fully Nature aligned life resonating with your true Self's purpose AND help to change the world towards a sustainable, peaceful and joyous Life? 

Want to be the change?

Unleash and express your Truth and unique Potential?


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.. The principle of yogic Science ...

Look deep into your Inner Self and you will understand the secrets of Nature and Life itself

Look deep into Nature and you will understand your Self


Knowledge and Wisdom

Learn and explore to raise your awareness and understanding


Your Nature aligned Life

Get inspired and mentored to life and take Action in your everyday Life


Support meaningful and rewarding projects for a sustainable, joyous and peaceful life


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." Margaret Mead

ALL THAT will inspire and guide YOU to connect deeply with your Self and Mother Nature and live life to its fullest, push you towards your truest Self-expression in joy, excitement and happiness and inspire you to dream on and take action!

Ethno Yoga Projects

We believe that raising the consciousness and awareness into Joy, Peace and Happiness - a Nature aligned life in harmony with each other - is possible  and so necessary. One way doing this is  to share the combined power of traditional Yoga, Ethnology and intuitive Art.
We also believe that it is then our ‘responsibility’ to support those, who are not able to help themselves moving into that frequency because of their current “outer Nature” circumstances, like poverty, hunger, war or trafficking.
Our goal is to not only help to change the outer circumstances aligned with their real needs according to their habiti and tradition yet also to support to shift their Inner Nature towards Joy and Happiness again.
Our Projects focus on supporting …
- indigenous ethnic groups to maintain their tradition regarding a Nature aligned life
- humans, especially children, who live in circumstances, which are against our “human rights” (means which are out of nature aligned life), like child labor, human trafficking, hunger, poverty, war and conflict
- a sustainable life in saving, recharging and using natural resources and avoiding and stopping exploitation and pollution of Nature.
As a member of  our Ethno Yoga Program you not only invest in YOURSELF … you also support our projects as we direct 10% of your membership investments to our projects … each month.
That means you already contribute to a life towards Joy, Peace and Sustainability. YOU ARE ALREADY GOING TOWARDS BEING THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD!



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Many villages in and around Rishikesh, the Yoga capital Valley in  Northern India, are still practicing a very traditional way of living close to Nature, quite far away and disconnected from the city. Yet more and more this way of living is not “working” anymore because of natural and cultural changes. Like it was common to grow the own food in early times, this is becoming hard, since many of the vegetables and fruits are not growing anymore like before. That means the people are not independent anymore in supplying themselves with food and daily needs. Yet there are almost no opportunities for work so that many families are living in very poor conditions. They cannot afford to nourish their kids properly and send them to school.
Especially since COVID 19 most of the families are stucked in the mountain without any support.
Currently we are supporting 36 children from the early age on until 14 years old, which we support with nutritious food and open the possibility to go to school, means we take care of the school fees, school utensils, uniforms, so that the kids also can feel happy to go to school.
Also we provide free Yoga classes for them to make them mentally and physically strong and fit! 
We wish to give them Joy and support them for an independent life according to their uniqye Individuality!


Imagine being so close to Nature that you dont want or need anything else. Some of the Moken are still living in their traditional way on and with the ocean.
The word Moken means “people of the water” and refers to an ethnic group of semi-nomadic Austronesian people, who live in the Mergui Archipelago, a group of approximately 800 islands in the Andaman (claimed by Myanmar and Thailand).
Migrated to Thailand, Burma and Malaysia from Southern China approximately 4,000 years ago, the Moken have traditionally lived on hand-built wooden boats called kabang for most of the year. They have historically shunned material possessions and rejected outside technology.
In rainy season, when the south-western monsoon hits the shore, they have traditionally built temporary wooden shelter houses on the eastern side of the island to protect themselves from the strong winds and rainfalls.
The Moken call the ocean their universe! They have not only their own cultural tradition and beliefs, also their own language and within time they established extraordinary abilities to dive and see clearly under water.
Yet today they are endangered and only very few of them live as semi-nomadic families.
Most have been forced to live on the mainland and be integrated in Thai society, from which they are not respected and acknowledged because of their undocumented identity and different cultural habits. That leads many of them into depression and hopelessness, since they don’t find any work and especially they can’t handle this new way of living.
Some of them are selling handicrafts as souvenirs, working as boatmen, gardeners and garbage collectors for the tourist industry.
The semi-nomadic numbers have diminished due to political and post-tsunami regulations, companies drilling for oil off-shore, governments seizing their lands for tourism development and industrial fishing.
The Thai Buddhist Monk Phrakhru Suwattithammarat dedicated his work since the Tsunami 2004 to support the Moken and maintain their cultural tradition and ethnic language. Until today the Moken children are invited in the kindergarden on the temple area in Kuraburi, Southern Thailand, for free, provided with nutritious meals and valuable education.
Julia had been living on this temple area for several times, doing fieldwork about the meaning about the Buddha sculpture, participating in the everyday life and supporting the Moken projects. In the most precious moments she found herself on the Moken Boat somewhere out on the ocean, suddenly feeling the deep connection to Mother Nature this people have and motivated to support and maintain their way of living anyhow possible.
- The Moken project starts in November 2022 and focus on:
- Support Education for children from 2 years to 14 years
- Nutrition for Babies
- Maintaining cultural tradition habiti and the Moken language
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