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Who else loves coconuts so much?
The coconut tree is one of the most powerful evidences of how Mother Nature nurtures us and gives us all we need to live a healthy and happy life. You can use the fruit not only as food and natural medicine but for your skin, hair and theeth and other useful purposes:

Coconut water: drink the fresh sweet and nut like tasty coconut water and energize and refresh your body and mind with all the supplements and nutrients that it contains and that are needed to stay healthy. Coconut flesh: eat it fresh, when it is very soft and young. When it gets old and hard you can either eat it raw, make it like a milk and use it for cooking and sweets or process it to oil and use it for cooking, for your skin (it not only nourishes your skin it also protects you from sunburn) and hair and as a tooth paste (it is used for clean and whitening) Coconut shell: make beautiful and sustainable bowls, spoons, plates, jewellery,… Coconut wood inside of the fruit: burn it to get rid of mosquitos, make it wet and cover your plants in the garden to keep them cool and watered Coconut flower: used for making delicious coconut sugar And in making use of all that you get directly nourished from Mother Nature itself and promote a sustainable way of living. Namaste

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