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Be like the Tree

Double exposure of silhouette of woman doing yoga in lotus position over tree. Concept of connection with the universe and nature.

YOGA teaches us that WE ARE NATURE ...

All asanas were inspired from Nature, its healing powers, its ability to recycle and balance itself
In practicing we can focus to remember that we have the same quality like NATURE as we are part of it.
A beautiful asana, which teaches us how to balance, be flexible and and strong ... is the Tree position (#vrksasana).
The TREE ...
Rooted in Mother Earth, growing towards the Sky, the Sun and the Moon.
Getting nourished from Mother Nature, the soil, the sun, the rain.
Bending and dancing within the storm. Opening up to the sunlight.
Recycling themselves after every winter and blossoming again.
Being home for other living beings. Spending live energy for other living beings.
Seeming to be silent for human beings, though singing beautifully spreading vibrations resonating with peace and happiness and joy.
  • connect to Mother Earth as much as you can
  • nourish your Self in a natural, plant based way
  • take Mother Nature as teacher and know you can do it like her
  • know how your system really works and how to ‘recycle’ yourself
  • find love, joy and happiness midst in your silence, when fully connected with Mother Nature and your Inner Self
  • know that you are able to spread your light, joy and happiness so that other people can get influenced from it in a very positive way
Stand straight, feet together, bend your knees a little bit, navel towards your spine, chin towards your chest, shoulders relaxed.
Take some deep breaths and focus on your feet. Let them ground into the earth.
Then focus your half closed eyes on one point in front of you, looking downwards. Concentrate on this point to stay grounded.
Shift all your weight to your left leg and bring your right foot either below or above your knee. Bring your palms together in front of your heart cakra.
Deepen your breath, exhale a little bit longer than you inhale.
Raise your arms up. Take some deep breath.
Bring your palms together again in front of your heart cakra.
Bring your leg down, and practice with the right leg standing.